I blog, therefore I am!

Hi everyone!

Let’s start with a brief introduction, after all it is nice to know who’s behind the keys writing these words for you to read and hopefully comment on.

My name is Magnus and I was born and raised in Sweden. Before I started sailing full time and being a liveaboard I lived in Gothenburg for 13 years.

I’ve always been interested in technology and space has always fascinated me, so favorite films and series usually tend to be science fiction, with a mix-in of fantasy every now and then. Maybe it is the endless possibilities in those genres that intrigues me? I’m not sure, but they do.

My interest in technology has led me to pursuit a career in the IT-industry, initially as a systems engineer, but lately also as a developer. I’ve been in the business for 23 years (wow, time really flies!) and done pretty much everything from hardware to frontend. My first job tough was as a CAD-engineer for a small innovation company in Mjölby, the small town where I was born. Between Mjölby and Gothenburg I lived in Linköping, some 30 kilometers from Mjölby.

Okay, that was my whole life story. Thank you, bye!

Well, not really. But we’re not here to hear about who I used to be, but who I am becoming, right?

So please join me in my explorations as I sail Away, possibly around the world. We will see where the winds leads me.

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