Goodbye Ireland!

I just wanted to post a quick note before I loose contact with the outer world. Thank you all that has been helping me get the boat and myself ready for this journey! I am now outside the coast of Ireland, heading for Fisterra, Spain, and will hopefully […]

Fixing the last

This week has really passed by in a blink! Mostly I’ve been trying to finish off the necessary jobs I have to have in place before I leave for Spain. I’ve bought a 33 kg Rocna anchor, even if they said that it would be hard to get […]

Gone sailing…

Hi! Yes, I’m still here. I’ve just been busy sailing, as the people following Sailing SV Away on Instagram already know (you should too!). I was invited by SV Zora to tag along for an overnight sail to a nearby anchorage and it sounded great, so I was […]

Finishing off projects

Today was a good day in many ways, not just that I managed to harvest over 600Wh of solar, which means that the battery was topped off in the morning and full already at 8, but also that I got two projects done, one that I even started […]

The power of stars

I don’t know about you, but I really love science fiction. Books or movies doesn’t really matter, they are all more or less intriguing to experience. Mainly because there is no real limits of what can happen, and the gizmos that is portrayed is always fascinating! Now, one […]

Finally Sailing Away!

Yesterday was as beautiful as it was promised here in Kinsale. Sunny, warm and a wind hovering around 10-20 knots. I was in luck, because this was the day where I was to take Away out sailing again, and I couldn’t have asked for more. This time I […]

… and suddenly it was there!

You know, during all this time I have been here in Ireland working with my boat I have always felt a bit chased. Even if I have taken my time, I have always felt like time has been of the essence. My initial plan, get here and fix […]

Did the starter just die?

You know, there are a few things that just has to work. One thing is the engine. On a sail boat, really? Yes, really. Well, maybe not on all sail boats, but on mine. Not only because I need it to get around, but also because it is […]

So, what’s next?

Since Friday I’ve been busy trying to get Away ready for a short test sail as well as waiting for the weather to be more reasonable. What that means in practice is that I’ve been trying to get all the electrical systems to talk to each other, which […]

In the water

As of approximately 9:00 this morning Away is once again in the water. The feeling is quite overwhelming, even more than selling my apartment and moving onto her. The feeling is kind of weird to be honest.  I mean, quitting my job, selling my apartment and leaving my […]