Sometimes plans changes

There is an incredible contrast in the weather, it seems to aways be strong winds in the evening and it calms down during the night and in the morning there is pretty much no wind at all. I assume the strong winds in the evening comes from the […]

Heading towards Faro

After I pulled up the anchor in Sagres and sailed away, my goal was to get to Faro. It was a straight sail with little or no incidents, but it was a reasonably long sail, thankfully the wind was with me this time, and as I approached the […]

Passing another milestone

Continuing the trip from Sines after a good nights sleep felt really good. It was a nice spot to anchor on, and to be honest a little surprising, but it was most welcome. The sail was quite uneventful until I reached the point where I no longer was […]

Finally heading for Sines

After a good nights sleep and a standard breakfast consisting of some müsli, a pair of sandwiches and a glass of orange juice, I prepared Away once more to switch from a living quarter to a transport. Making sure that everything is in place and removing the webbing […]

Katabatic winds

As I left Lisbon I set my aim for Sines, down the coast. But as always I realized that my ambition combined with the winds didn’t quite add up, so I had to come up with a new plan. I saw on the chart that there was a […]

Three nights in Lisbon

It could be the title of a book, don’t you think? After the less-than-enjoyable motoring to get to Lisbon I was more than ready to hang out in a marina for a few days. But first, docking. It becomes so much more apparent how sizable Away is when […]

Dolphins, dolphins everywhere!

The last few days I’ve been day skipping, moving during day, finding somewhere to anchor, sleep. Repeat. As I left Porto I was eager to get out sailing again, the weather haven’t been as cooperative though. The wind has been almost near non-existing and the swell coming from […]

Contemplations in Porto

I’m sitting here, in the sun watching it slowly descend behind the horizon while I have some delicious water melon. That’s when it hits me. I see more and more people getting ready to get back to work in social media, their vacations are ending. I realize that […]

Moving on to Porto, Portugal

After a somewhat bumpy night in the entrance to Vigo I set sail again. This time my plan was a ten hour sail to Porto in Portugal. It would be a downwind sail and to be honest, Away is not that happy about going dead down wind. Mainly […]