Working hard, or hardly working..?

It has been a few days since the last update, and I did leave you hanging on a low note, didn’t I? Well, no need to worry really, I’m back and working as usual. It has been a little frustrating that the weather doesn’t really seem to take […]

Keel bolts galore!

Today it’s been pretty much all about keel bolts. First I reassessed the situation after breakfast. Another way of putting it is that I sat and stared at the keel bolts, wondering what to do. I talked to the people here at the boat yard and their comment […]

Toilet duty galore!

So, today I’ve been completing port side of the boat regarding the electrics. Finally done, so that I can start putting things back again, nice! Started in the galley, putting up the liner in the ceiling. It’s a plywood sheet wrapped in vinyl, to make it prettier. Actually […]