Keeping busy…

Hi all, it’s me, Magnus! Yes, that guy that promised to write more often. Didn’t fly as I was hoping, but I will continue to try and update you on my endeavors so that you can follow along! So, what has happened in a month? Well.. My computer […]

Plans, plans, plans!

You know, I promised to blog more often… and here we are. Well, I know I can’t make promises and then not keep them. To be honest though, I haven’t made much physical progress. There has been a ton of planning, designing, making decisions and ordering stuff though. […]

Keel bolt removal preparations

It’s been all fun and giggles writing about food, but it is time to get down and dirty! Today I spent most of my day preparing for tomorrow, when I hopefully will be able to replace at least half of my keel bolts. After a meager breakfast (I […]