Sunday, fun day!

Well, it could have been, but I’ve had a lazy day today. I had the intention to clean the dingy, but the weather haven’t been cooperating. It’s been quite windy, raining every now and then while the sky has been an even gray color.

Speaking of weather, I just checked the forecast and it seems as if the temperature will be pretty much the same during night as in the day, which means a little colder days, but definitely warmer nights! That’s really nice! And it almost reached to the definition of summer – a consecutive week of temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius. It is close now.

Instead of cleaning the dingy I cleaned the boat, sort of. I didn’t clean the bilge, since it will be the scene of hard labor the days to come. Or that is at least what I hope for. The people at the boat yard will help me source the material I need for the keel bolts tomorrow and then I can start replacing them. But I did try to clean the bilge a bit and it seems that the rust is hard to get off the gelcoat. I noticed that the rust converter worked nicely though, so that might be the way I’ll go eventually. And while I was at it I tried some white spirits, which worked on the oilier parts. And then I managed to tip the open bottle on the sole of the boat, so it got cleaned really well. Fantastic…

You know, the grinder is infamous for spreading anything you use it on everywhere. I can confirm. There is a fine, black powder of iron oxide in the entire boat. I’m just happy that I realized this early on and closed the door to my cabin. But it will take some time before I have cleaned it all out, that is for sure. It. Is. Everywhere. Everywhere!

I did do my meat sauce today, to compensate for yesterdays “meat”balls, and it is interesting to see that the meat isn’t marked with the fat percentage like in Sweden, maybe they aren’t as concerned? The fun part is that I bought a package of 750g beef and it was meant for two persons! I got five portions out of it and I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to eat two and a half portions. I’m not sure what they eat besides the minced meat, but it can’t be much else. Did I mention it costed €2,89? Yeah. Not like in Sweden.

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