Sailing the Mediterranean, finally!

After my short stop in Gibraltar it is time to move on. I had a couple of stops towards my final destination planned in my mind, but talking to people in some Facebook groups I decided to take it all in one go, it isn’t really that far […]

Hello Africa! Hello Gibraltar!

Finally I was closing in on Gibraltar, and another milestone! But first I had to get there, and leaving Barbate was like many mornings – windless. I started motoring out towards the sea, to get away from land and hopefully have some sea breeze. But as usual, I […]

Now, that was a brilliant idea…

As I’m arriving in Barbate I decide to do something I never had done before, since everything has to be tested, right? As I was sailing into the anchorage in front of its beautiful beach I realize that the wind was perfect for anchoring without running the engine. […]

Autopilot plays a trick on me!

Cádiz was a quite good anchorage. If I wanted to I could have gone ashore for a provisioning run, since I saw a supermarket from where I was anchored. But my aim was to press on, so I didn’t have any time for excursions. So it was time […]

Heading towards Faro

After I pulled up the anchor in Sagres and sailed away, my goal was to get to Faro. It was a straight sail with little or no incidents, but it was a reasonably long sail, thankfully the wind was with me this time, and as I approached the […]

Passing another milestone

Continuing the trip from Sines after a good nights sleep felt really good. It was a nice spot to anchor on, and to be honest a little surprising, but it was most welcome. The sail was quite uneventful until I reached the point where I no longer was […]

Finally heading for Sines

After a good nights sleep and a standard breakfast consisting of some müsli, a pair of sandwiches and a glass of orange juice, I prepared Away once more to switch from a living quarter to a transport. Making sure that everything is in place and removing the webbing […]

Dolphins, dolphins everywhere!

The last few days I’ve been day skipping, moving during day, finding somewhere to anchor, sleep. Repeat. As I left Porto I was eager to get out sailing again, the weather haven’t been as cooperative though. The wind has been almost near non-existing and the swell coming from […]

Moving on to Porto, Portugal

After a somewhat bumpy night in the entrance to Vigo I set sail again. This time my plan was a ten hour sail to Porto in Portugal. It would be a downwind sail and to be honest, Away is not that happy about going dead down wind. Mainly […]

When life becomes surreal

For those of you that follow me on Instagram knows that I left Fisterre and sailed to Vigo some days ago. The sail was great, in the beginning there was wind as I left the anchorage, but as I got further away from land it calmed down, slowing […]