Gone sailing…

Hi! Yes, I’m still here. I’ve just been busy sailing, as the people following Sailing SV Away on Instagram already know (you should too!). I was invited by SV Zora to tag along for an overnight sail to a nearby anchorage and it sounded great, so I was […]

In the water

As of approximately 9:00 this morning Away is once again in the water. The feeling is quite overwhelming, even more than selling my apartment and moving onto her. The feeling is kind of weird to be honest.  I mean, quitting my job, selling my apartment and leaving my […]

I learned something new today!

It is quite common to learn something every day, even if it is minor things, but this time it is something that I wanted to learn for some time. I have been thinking of learning how to edit and upload videos to YouTube for my adventures, and today […]