I learned something new today!

It is quite common to learn something every day, even if it is minor things, but this time it is something that I wanted to learn for some time. I have been thinking of learning how to edit and upload videos to YouTube for my adventures, and today I spent way too much time to learn how to piece together a video in Shotcut, an open and free software to do video editing.

It is not because the program itself was complicated, but rather that my learning curve was brutally steep. So, considering that, I must say that I am quite satisfied with the result. It is a very interesting and engaging video of me replacing the speed sensor of the boat.

It might not be among the best videos produced out there, but is definitely the best video I have ever made, so far!


Oh, yes. Yesterday was one of those days that just slipped away in never ending researching and comparing of tech. The reason is that I wanted to find a good source of lithium batteries – oh, yeah! I’m going lithium! – and I finally decided and ordered a set! But, man! They do take big bite out of the budget! Hopefully though I will have enough battery for any occasion to come and they will hopefully give me a trouble-free source of abundant energy. That, and the fact that I had to go to Cork to re-rent my car for the third time now. The plan has shifted some.

What I got? I ordered four 700Ah Winston battery cells, delivering 8.4kWh, combined into a 12V battery. This weekend I will most likely go deep into planning mode to get the full list of cables, breakers, switches and fuses needed to handle these bad boys, they do pack a punch for sure and needs to be handled with care.

All is good! The sun is shining and the weather is so nice! All I need now is to start Sailing Away.

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