Order bonanza!

After the last post I have been gathering my thoughts about what I have to do to finally switch from lead acid batteries to my new, shiny, lithiums. What seemed as an easy job turned into more than a week of hunting down shops that have what I […]

It’s messy…

You know, one might have believed that I would have been done with the installation of my lithium batteries by now, but the reality is that they still are waiting for the final install. The simple reason is that I’ve been trying to plan as much as possible […]

A day of deliveries!

Today I’ve been busy sanding down rust on the keel and painting it with primer, to be ready for the anti-fouling paint. I have some things to finish first, but I hope that I can at least get as far so that I can paint this weekend. The […]

The summer came with June!

Ah, yes! Today it’s been amazing! Days like this is what you dream of in the winter time, where the sun keeps you warm until it is just about to set after nine o’clock, having a full day of sunshine and a nice breeze. This weekend I got […]

I learned something new today!

It is quite common to learn something every day, even if it is minor things, but this time it is something that I wanted to learn for some time. I have been thinking of learning how to edit and upload videos to YouTube for my adventures, and today […]