A day of deliveries!

Today I’ve been busy sanding down rust on the keel and painting it with primer, to be ready for the anti-fouling paint. I have some things to finish first, but I hope that I can at least get as far so that I can paint this weekend. The […]

Major upgrade is coming!

After a calm day yesterday I took the time to do some near-time planning, specifically deciding what I want to do about the electrical system. I will most definitely rewire the boat at some point, probably sooner than later. Maybe it’s because I feel most comfortable with electrics […]

Finally done!

Ah, yes! It’s been tough, doing a lot of boat yoga hunting cables but now I’m finally done! All is tagged and now I can start drawing the schematics of the boat. There are some “interesting” solutions but I can see some structure in how it is done. […]