Finally done!

Ah, yes! It’s been tough, doing a lot of boat yoga hunting cables but now I’m finally done! All is tagged and now I can start drawing the schematics of the boat. There are some “interesting” solutions but I can see some structure in how it is done. The main issues are the fixes that has been done while she has been in active duty. I’m not planning to fix anything at this stage but it is good to know where I can connect my new systems without having to worry about power issues.

Speaking of new systems, I have an Iridium Go! here waiting to be installed and I’m still waiting for DPD to deliver my package with my AIS and a handheld VHF, it’s almost two weeks since they emailed me that “soon will my 1 hours notice arrive, so be ready to pick it up”. And I’ve also been trying to get UPS to give me a package that was sent on April 13th (no, it’s a Monday…)! Last comment from them was that they tried to deliver it three times and now they are going to send it back. to the US. Apparently they won’t call foreign numbers if they have issues. I didn’t know. They didn’t inform. Not sure how to handle that, since I’m not going to get me an Irish phone number. They will contact me on Monday. Exciting times. And, yeah, I was rather irritated in my email to them. Support is very supportive and understands my frustration. Thank you. It’s not going to help though. The little confidence I had in their ability to do their job is now gone, forever. I will actively try to stay away from them. Including choosing not to use businesses that can’t give me an alternative carrier.

Alright, enough whining! I also had some new tools delivered today! Both a power drill and an impact driver! Yay! Thanks Pontus for sending them to me, I’m sorry that I’m ordering things that you have to ship to me, but it is cheaper!

And I think that I figured out how the battery charger works. There are settings that you can change, but it seems it has to be “rebooted” for them to take effect. the manual didn’t mention anything about that what I could see. So, since I have Pb-Ca batteries (never heard of that chemistry before!) I can now charge them to 15.5v as they are designed for, instead of 13.5v as it was configured before, and that might even mean that I can get the correct amount of ampere-hours from them. It has been low, which has been worrying me, since as I arrived the breaker was tripped and the boat was without power. I hope the batteries survived, but you never know. Draining them once too deep can kill them. I’ll let you know! Cool anyway! I might change the charger from three-phase to two-phase too, so that it will only charge the batteries to full and then wait until they go below 12.5v before charging them again, instead of as it works currently, where it continuously is providing charge, which means it takes the load off the batteries. I think it will be good for the batteries to be working some too, just to make sure they are functioning properly.

Over and out!

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