Order bonanza!

After the last post I have been gathering my thoughts about what I have to do to finally switch from lead acid batteries to my new, shiny, lithiums. What seemed as an easy job turned into more than a week of hunting down shops that have what I […]

Time to join The Night’s Watch?

Today my main task was to be done with the labeling of the wires going aft from the switch board. It didn’t take long really, since most where done. But it was cold, really cold, this morning. As I got up I turned on both burners on the […]

May the 4th be with you!

I intend to try to blog a little more often from now on – maybe not every day, but as often as I feel I got time for it. So bare with me! Today I’ve begun tagging all the cables in the boat, just to keep me sane. […]

A month passes by so fast

It is a bit hard to grasp that i’ve been in Ireland and on Away for just about a month already. That it’s been thirty-two days since my heart dropped like a rock when I arrived at the boat yard and was greeted by a sign, saying “The […]