Time to join The Night’s Watch?

Today my main task was to be done with the labeling of the wires going aft from the switch board. It didn’t take long really, since most where done. But it was cold, really cold, this morning. As I got up I turned on both burners on the hob even if I know that it isn’t a good thing to do. Open flames are not a boats best friend, really. And they add a lot of moisture to the air as well, which builds condensation and makes the cold really dig into your bones.

So I took a trip to the post office, I was expecting quite a few packages at this time, since there was some failed deliveries on May 1st. But they seem to work slow in Covid-19 times, so I have to check for them again tomorrow. But I did get one package! Ten small microcomputers with wifi-capabilities and a tiny, tiny web server arrived! Wohoo! I will have quite some fun with them later, for sure. I’ve realized that the ten Arduinos that I have ordered as well might just be overkill. The idea was to use the wifi cards as a way for the Arduinos to talk to each other, but I discovered that the wifi cards them selves contained a small computer with probably enough memory and speed to handle the things I’m planning to test. I guess I will find a use for all of them eventually.

After driving to town with the heat turned to max, slowly walking through Lidl and one more hot drive to the boat again, I was back to my chilly home.

I must admit, I do enjoy digging through the boats electric. I’m not sure what it is, but there is satisfaction in marking everything up. Removing the mysteries and making it all much clearer. So when I was back on the boat and watched what I already had accomplished I had a short inner dialog with myself. Should I? I mean… It will take some time. And who knows what will happen, right? It’s probably going to create even more work for me, but… Yeah. It’s time to dig through the rest of the electrical! All of it. Every single lead should have a nice label saying what it is connected to. Not just a numer as it is today, since I don’t have any documents they are pretty much worthless to me. And also, the Greeks seems to have been a little “inventive” some times and “fixed” some issues in a slightly different manner than the French when they built Away.

Todays findings

Well, I found something really frustrating. The lights in the ceiling that is integrated with the deck seems to be quite permanent. The leads seems to be integrated in the ceiling. No ducts, no way to remove or replace them. If they fail, they fail bad. So I’m not that happy about that finding.

I have so far found two cockroaches, both very dead and dry of course, but still not nice. I also found a nest of some sort. Well, probably a cocoon for some insect. It was attached to the ceiling under the head liner. Oh, yes, the head liner. It seems that they have added them after the boat was built. Not sure who though. But there are some light fixtures in the ceiling under them that has been cut to pull wires through.

I’ve also opened up both heads, or toilets, to follow leads that went in there. Yes, the boat is a mess right now, panels everywhere! But none the less, the satisfaction to hunt down where that last lead is connected can not be ignored. Order. Understanding. Knowledge. I realized that the light and fan on port side in the forward cabin is connected to the lights over the galley as well as the lights in the forward and aft head, I saw that there was leads going aft from the aft head, so I presume they are all connected to the fan and lights in the aft port cabin as well. Not sure if I like that idea really, especially since the wire is the same cross area as to the lights. But I presume that the cross area is enough to handle all those loads at the same time. I think i will have to measure it all once I’m done labeling all the cables.

I’m sorry I don’t provide any pictures right now, or a layout of the boat, but I keep myself busy following leads at the moment. I will try to find something later so that my ramblings of different compartments of the boat becomes a little easier to understand.

I haven’t seen any delivery confirmation yet of the heater. I’m worried that I might be living like this the whole week – with pretty much the same temperature outdoors as indoors. It was 3 degrees last night as well and the temperature didn’t rise above 9 during the day. Today I put on underclothing and had two more layers on my upper body, eventually I dug up a beanie to keep my head warm as well. It works as long as I’m doing something, but as soon as I sit down for some time, like eating, it gets chilly. But through ordeals comes gratitude! I will be the happiest when I finally get my heater and can walk around in my underwear in here once more!

Please, please let it be tomorrow.

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