Cleaning day!

Alright, the day to splash is getting closer as we speak, and I add and remove things on the things-that-should-be-done-before-splash-list as I go. First of all I needed to go to Cork once more, since I need to repair the dinghy the right way, but also because I […]

The summer came with June!

Ah, yes! Today it’s been amazing! Days like this is what you dream of in the winter time, where the sun keeps you warm until it is just about to set after nine o’clock, having a full day of sunshine and a nice breeze. This weekend I got […]

Dirtiest post ever!

You know, some times it might seem that I’m not doing much on a specific day. I might write something about me planning, maybe doing some minor things and then add “and some cleaning” or something in that neighborhood. I thought that I should show you a little […]

A learning experience!

So, today I got one of the guys at the boat yard to have a look at my rudder. He politely said that he “would stop right there, fair the hole and wrap the rudder in fiberglass”. In other words: I did an unnecessary thing grinding away all […]