A learning experience!

So, today I got one of the guys at the boat yard to have a look at my rudder. He politely said that he “would stop right there, fair the hole and wrap the rudder in fiberglass”. In other words: I did an unnecessary thing grinding away all that fiberglass.

But, yes, I saw that one coming really, even if I was concerned of my findings going down the rabbit hole. He also said that I should make both sides equal so that the fiberglass can be all around the bottom edge of the rudder, so that it would have a good adhesion. So I brought out the grinder once more, and started removing material. Incidentally it didn’t take more than three batteries to get to the same level of destruction, so I’m getting better at that at least.

I also told him that I wanted to learn how to apply the fiberglass, and he said it would probably go the fastest if he did it and I watched to learn. I saw a point in that and agreed to it. So now we need to get the material and start glassing in the rudder. I wish it will happen soon.

The rest of the day I was cleaning up the bunk bed cabin, concealing cables in the ceiling and cleaning out the lockers for a new project tomorrow. I also moved around all my project items that I have collected over time to get them a little bit more organized instead of overwhelming the shelf over the wet locker, behind the chart table. I still need to get a place for all things… The port aft cabin is full of collapsed carton boxes and madrases for the starboard aft cabin, something that also needs attention.

Tonight I will do an experiment. I hope that the thirteen degrees (in the end of May, come on!) outside will be enough to not heat the boat tonight. I really want to test if it can be livable without the heating, since that is not available as I leave the boat yard for the buoy in the river.

Still preparing to leave as soon as I can.

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