Working hard, or hardly working..?

It has been a few days since the last update, and I did leave you hanging on a low note, didn’t I? Well, no need to worry really, I’m back and working as usual. It has been a little frustrating that the weather doesn’t really seem to take […]

A proper seal

So, this whole ordeal with the keel bolts started because someone had used an inferior method of sealing them. By using silicone that would let water work its way to the threaded rod and then remain there to corrode it. So as my last task on the inside […]

Two days, and a lot has happened!

Yeah, you know. Sometimes there isn’t really much to report, I thought. I mean… Another day changing the keel bolts just wouldn’t cut it, now would it? No. So therefore, I didn’t write anything yesterday. No, just kidding, I know you love my infamous keel bolts by now! […]

I learn every day!

There is something special with doing something for the first time. This year I will be doing a lot of things the first time, one is to secure the keel to the boat and it did teach me something today. You might have read that yesterday I did […]

Bolting it down!

Today was the day, I was to bolt down the keel to the boat. Or is it bolting down the boat to the keel? Hmm.. Anyway, it was time. I had everything prepared and my goal was to do half, that means eight, of them. I later found […]

Keel bolt removal preparations

It’s been all fun and giggles writing about food, but it is time to get down and dirty! Today I spent most of my day preparing for tomorrow, when I hopefully will be able to replace at least half of my keel bolts. After a meager breakfast (I […]

What don’t you do in the name of science?

I’ve been thinking. What will I eat if I sail for weeks, or months, without resupplying? I mean, most food is perishable in one way or another after some time, especially in a boat where moisture can be a factor. So I thought I would take a look […]

Keel bolts galore!

Today it’s been pretty much all about keel bolts. First I reassessed the situation after breakfast. Another way of putting it is that I sat and stared at the keel bolts, wondering what to do. I talked to the people here at the boat yard and their comment […]

Bilge rat once again…

Yeah, it’s been on my todo-list for some time now, to remove the sofa and peek under it in the bilge that doesn’t have any other ways to access it. Guess if i was expecting the worst? In my mind I saw a bilge that had near to […]