Bolting it down!

Today was the day, I was to bolt down the keel to the boat. Or is it bolting down the boat to the keel? Hmm.. Anyway, it was time. I had everything prepared and my goal was to do half, that means eight, of them. I later found out that there isn’t anything wrong with my ambitions anyway.

After removing the stubborn bolt yesterday by welding a nut to the threaded bar I kind of had a mental image that I would have to weld every second bolt or so to get things done. It appears that that bolt so far is the odd one out.

I have managed to replace five keel bolts, even if I have to tighten two of them tomorrow. Which isn’t bad at all, considering that I got not one, or two but three parcels today that distracted me some. It was from a chandlery in the UK that I ordered some things from, just a few days ago, that I’d totally had forgotten about! Talk about christmas! I also got a map that I’ve ordered that I wanted to use as a pin board to mark out where I’ve been, but apparently I didn’t read the description close enough since what I thought was a poster was actually a canvas print! So… Should I cut out the canvas from the frame and add it to my pin board anyway? I mean, it was it’s purpose, right? No wonder it was a bit expensive, even if it wasn’t enough to make me react. Oh, well…

I’ve been adding some images on Instagram as well today, since I can’t really add all of them here. It is me going through the steps for replacing a keel bolt. Just having some fun and testing things out. What do you think? Should I add more pictures on Instagram for more direct content? Should I upload them here as well?

Well, that was about it for today. My body aches as if an elephant has given me a massage by walking on me. I assume it won’t be better tomorrow, but none the less I have to get the rest of the bolts replaced. Which it’s all very fun and satisfying to do.

What I got in the delivery apart from the map? Well, there are some items that you will have to wait for, since it will be more projects coming. But I got a pair of binoculars, one underwater flash light and one watertight dito that I don’t think is for diving, a knife to use as an emergency knife if something like sheets or halyards needs to be cut for some reason. It glows in the dark! Ah, yes! One more thing. A ditch bag! I think I mentioned it earlier, right? To have the essentials in if I have a catastrophic failure and have to ditch the boat. Hence the name. Let’s hope it never comes to use. I also need to get a cruisers medical kit bag too. I wonder if I can find a doctor that is willing to prescribe all the medicines I need to have. It will be interesting to source.

Over and out!

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