Keeping busy…

Hi all, it’s me, Magnus! Yes, that guy that promised to write more often. Didn’t fly as I was hoping, but I will continue to try and update you on my endeavors so that you can follow along! So, what has happened in a month? Well.. My computer […]

Plans, plans, plans!

You know, I promised to blog more often… and here we are. Well, I know I can’t make promises and then not keep them. To be honest though, I haven’t made much physical progress. There has been a ton of planning, designing, making decisions and ordering stuff though. […]

Unwanted visitors

So, this is the first post this year, and I was hoping I could have had some sort of positive tone to it, but to be honest there is nothing positive about people trying to steal your property. I’ve been meaning to post earlier – I have even […]

A small retrospective

It’s New Years Eve and that usually means making a small retrospective, and I am no exception. The overshadowing topic of 2020 is of course Covid-19, but I believe that we all have had enough of that so I don’t need to cover that. It has, of course, […]

Life in Almerimar

As I know that I mostly write about technical aspects I wanted to refocus a little bit in this post, as I understand that not everyone is as obsessed by my battery situation on the boat as I am, so I wanted to present Almerimar a little bit […]

Order bonanza!

After the last post I have been gathering my thoughts about what I have to do to finally switch from lead acid batteries to my new, shiny, lithiums. What seemed as an easy job turned into more than a week of hunting down shops that have what I […]


As promised, it is time to update a little more often. This time I actually have made some progress that is a bit more hands on than usual, so enjoy! Before I dive into my project update I just have to mention the storm that passed by the […]

A decision has been made

No, that is incorrect.. Many decisions has been made! It is incredible, I have procrastinated the heck out of this post, at first because I didn’t really have any news and then because it had passed so much time I didn’t know where to start and what to […]

It’s messy…

You know, one might have believed that I would have been done with the installation of my lithium batteries by now, but the reality is that they still are waiting for the final install. The simple reason is that I’ve been trying to plan as much as possible […]

Winter is coming

It has been almost two weeks since I posted last, and it is time to get blogging again! So, what has happened? Well, I have focused a bit on comfort lately, primarily sleeping comfort. The mattress that the boat came with is fully functional for shorter stays, but […]