Finally done!

Ah, yes! It’s been tough, doing a lot of boat yoga hunting cables but now I’m finally done! All is tagged and now I can start drawing the schematics of the boat. There are some “interesting” solutions but I can see some structure in how it is done. […]

Time to join The Night’s Watch?

Today my main task was to be done with the labeling of the wires going aft from the switch board. It didn’t take long really, since most where done. But it was cold, really cold, this morning. As I got up I turned on both burners on the […]

May the 4th be with you!

I intend to try to blog a little more often from now on – maybe not every day, but as often as I feel I got time for it. So bare with me! Today I’ve begun tagging all the cables in the boat, just to keep me sane. […]