Today is my birthday!

Isn’t that fantastic? Well, it is. Another year to put to the books. A year where my life radically changed. And then the whole world around me came tumbling down, but still I stand and I feel content. No, happy! I am content, for sure, but I’m happy that I have had the opportunity to experience this year. To be alive, to have all the possibilities that I have and to be where I am.

So, what did I do to celebrate this special day? Did I drink beer that many wanted me to do? Or other beverages? Did I eat cake? Have an amazing dinner, spoiling myself senseless? Did I take a walk in nature? Watched the ocean and the sunset?

No, not really. I put things in order in the boat, and then I did a project that I have been waiting for some time now. What it was? Well, I’ll show you soon! Hopefully tomorrow. But until then the post picture is a dead giveaway for those that knows boats.

Thank you all for congratulating me, it is days like this that friends really come through for you! Thank you for the phone calls and thank you for the presents! I am, as I wrote in the beginning, a happy man today.

Now I need to learn a new skill and then sleep!

2 thoughts on “Today is my birthday!

  1. Grattis Magnus
    Du gör ett heroiskt arbete
    Din blogg är jättebra
    Lycka till
    Hans Eriksson

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