Slowly returning home

There has been some long weeks in Sweden, even if I spent time meeting friends most of the time has been waiting for the bank and their papers to arrive. Since I haven’t been able to know when they would arrive and make sure that they were returned […]

Back to Sweden…

After the inspection and repair of the keel, I had some time just trying to settle in and preparing for the projects to come. But the most pressing issue at hand was to get my issues with the bank straightened out. For you who doesn’t know, I managed […]

Haul-out time!

After getting a slip for Away in Almerimar it is time to get her up on the dry to inspect and repair any damage to the keel. Unfortunately, the boatyard only operates during the weekdays and as I arrived on a Saturday morning I had to wait. But […]

Sailing the Mediterranean, finally!

After my short stop in Gibraltar it is time to move on. I had a couple of stops towards my final destination planned in my mind, but talking to people in some Facebook groups I decided to take it all in one go, it isn’t really that far […]

Hello Africa! Hello Gibraltar!

Finally I was closing in on Gibraltar, and another milestone! But first I had to get there, and leaving Barbate was like many mornings – windless. I started motoring out towards the sea, to get away from land and hopefully have some sea breeze. But as usual, I […]

Now, that was a brilliant idea…

As I’m arriving in Barbate I decide to do something I never had done before, since everything has to be tested, right? As I was sailing into the anchorage in front of its beautiful beach I realize that the wind was perfect for anchoring without running the engine. […]

Autopilot plays a trick on me!

Cádiz was a quite good anchorage. If I wanted to I could have gone ashore for a provisioning run, since I saw a supermarket from where I was anchored. But my aim was to press on, so I didn’t have any time for excursions. So it was time […]

Sometimes plans changes

There is an incredible contrast in the weather, it seems to aways be strong winds in the evening and it calms down during the night and in the morning there is pretty much no wind at all. I assume the strong winds in the evening comes from the […]

Heading towards Faro

After I pulled up the anchor in Sagres and sailed away, my goal was to get to Faro. It was a straight sail with little or no incidents, but it was a reasonably long sail, thankfully the wind was with me this time, and as I approached the […]

Passing another milestone

Continuing the trip from Sines after a good nights sleep felt really good. It was a nice spot to anchor on, and to be honest a little surprising, but it was most welcome. The sail was quite uneventful until I reached the point where I no longer was […]