Today is my birthday!

Isn’t that fantastic? Well, it is. Another year to put to the books. A year where my life radically changed. And then the whole world around me came tumbling down, but still I stand and I feel content. No, happy! I am content, for sure, but I’m happy […]

A learning experience!

So, today I got one of the guys at the boat yard to have a look at my rudder. He politely said that he “would stop right there, fair the hole and wrap the rudder in fiberglass”. In other words: I did an unnecessary thing grinding away all […]

To grind, or not to grind

Well, as you can see in the post picture it wasn’t about grinding the rudder or not. I have had a somewhat odd rust leak in the rudder, and I had to inspect it. With a sander. But as I sat down next to the rudder and sanded […]

A proper seal

So, this whole ordeal with the keel bolts started because someone had used an inferior method of sealing them. By using silicone that would let water work its way to the threaded rod and then remain there to corrode it. So as my last task on the inside […]

Two days, and a lot has happened!

Yeah, you know. Sometimes there isn’t really much to report, I thought. I mean… Another day changing the keel bolts just wouldn’t cut it, now would it? No. So therefore, I didn’t write anything yesterday. No, just kidding, I know you love my infamous keel bolts by now! […]

I learn every day!

There is something special with doing something for the first time. This year I will be doing a lot of things the first time, one is to secure the keel to the boat and it did teach me something today. You might have read that yesterday I did […]

Bolting it down!

Today was the day, I was to bolt down the keel to the boat. Or is it bolting down the boat to the keel? Hmm.. Anyway, it was time. I had everything prepared and my goal was to do half, that means eight, of them. I later found […]

Keel bolt removal preparations

It’s been all fun and giggles writing about food, but it is time to get down and dirty! Today I spent most of my day preparing for tomorrow, when I hopefully will be able to replace at least half of my keel bolts. After a meager breakfast (I […]

Sunday, fun day!

Well, it could have been, but I’ve had a lazy day today. I had the intention to clean the dingy, but the weather haven’t been cooperating. It’s been quite windy, raining every now and then while the sky has been an even gray color. Speaking of weather, I […]

What don’t you do in the name of science?

I’ve been thinking. What will I eat if I sail for weeks, or months, without resupplying? I mean, most food is perishable in one way or another after some time, especially in a boat where moisture can be a factor. So I thought I would take a look […]