Keel bolts galore!

Today it’s been pretty much all about keel bolts. First I reassessed the situation after breakfast. Another way of putting it is that I sat and stared at the keel bolts, wondering what to do. I talked to the people here at the boat yard and their comment […]

Bilge rat once again…

Yeah, it’s been on my todo-list for some time now, to remove the sofa and peek under it in the bilge that doesn’t have any other ways to access it. Guess if i was expecting the worst? In my mind I saw a bilge that had near to […]

Planning, butyl, and a printer!

I haven’t blogged for a few days. Primary because I haven’t done much work. Well, not physical anyway. Iv’e been sitting in the companionway, staring at the salon, the galley and the chart table back and forth. Trying to assess the time it will take to rebuild each […]

Major upgrade is coming!

After a calm day yesterday I took the time to do some near-time planning, specifically deciding what I want to do about the electrical system. I will most definitely rewire the boat at some point, probably sooner than later. Maybe it’s because I feel most comfortable with electrics […]

So, I bought a heater fan…

It is just after 8 o’clock and I’m sitting here with the sun warming my back after my first simple, albeit wonderful, dinner in the cockpit. Do you sense any different compared to my previous posts? No? Well… I just got my heater fan. So the weather went […]

Finally done!

Ah, yes! It’s been tough, doing a lot of boat yoga hunting cables but now I’m finally done! All is tagged and now I can start drawing the schematics of the boat. There are some “interesting” solutions but I can see some structure in how it is done. […]

Toilet duty galore!

So, today I’ve been completing port side of the boat regarding the electrics. Finally done, so that I can start putting things back again, nice! Started in the galley, putting up the liner in the ceiling. It’s a plywood sheet wrapped in vinyl, to make it prettier. Actually […]

Time to join The Night’s Watch?

Today my main task was to be done with the labeling of the wires going aft from the switch board. It didn’t take long really, since most where done. But it was cold, really cold, this morning. As I got up I turned on both burners on the […]

The toaster saved the day – and possibly my boat!

You know, life can be hazardous some times. Even in the mundane and common. I have a heater, 2000W to be precise, that I have borrowed from the former owner of the boat, and it has been a life saver. But this morning it turned into a life […]

May the 4th be with you!

I intend to try to blog a little more often from now on – maybe not every day, but as often as I feel I got time for it. So bare with me! Today I’ve begun tagging all the cables in the boat, just to keep me sane. […]